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COMM Officers of Ukraine’s Ministry of Emergency Situatins and the widow of Major-General of Interior Troops Leonid Telyatnikov participate in the opening of a monument to Leonid Telyatnikov at Baykove cemetery in Kiev, Tuesday, April 25, 2006. Telyatnikov headed liquidation of the fire at Chornobyl reactor after the explosion in April 1986. His troops took upon themselves the main blow of the most terrible man-caused disaster of the 20-th century. At that time Telyatnikov was the chief of military fire prevention of Chornobyl nuclear-power station. Telyatnikov himself and his subordinates have ascended to the roof the fourth power-generating unit of Chornobyl reactor more than once to prevent the fire spreading on other roofs. The honoured Kiev citizen, hero of the USSR Leonid Telyatnikov died on December 2, 2004, at the age of 53. Photo by Sergey Svetlitsky / UNIAN

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Author: Svetlitsky Sergey
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Spot date: 25.04.2006
Insert date: 25.04.2006
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