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Olga Kharlan Reference ID: #360254

Olga Kharlan

Ukrainian fencer (specialised in Sabre), Olympic champion in Pekin in team placing, world champion of 2009 in team placing, the best sportsman of a year (2008, 2009) according to NOC of Ukraine version Olga Kharlan during the event "The London Olympiad - a year before the beginning" within a framework of celebration of the year before the opening of XXX Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games in London, in the British Embassy in Ukraine, in Kiev on Wednesday, July 27, 2011. Photo by Andrey Skakodub / UNIAN

Keywords: sport | portrait | Olga Harlan | fencing | fencer

Author: Skakodub Andrey / POOL
Location: Ukraine / Kiev

Spot date: 27.07.2011
Insert date: 29.07.2011
Max size in pix's: 1950x2594
Max size (300 px/inch): 6.5 x 8.65 inch / 16.51 x 21.96 cm
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