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The monument to Anatoly Solovianenko Reference ID: #3673

The monument to Anatoly Solovianenko

Kyiv Press photo. Kyiv’s Mayor Alexander Omelchenko opens the monument to the Ukrainian tenor Anatoly Solovianenko, on Monday, July 30, 2001 in settlement of Kozin, Kyivska oblast, were the actor was buried. On May 31 Alexander Omelchenko signed a resolution on “honoring the memory of outstanding Ukrainian singer A.B. Solovyanenko”. The Protecting Office of Historical, Culture and Historical environment monuments became the requester of the granite-made construction to the signer on the site of burying and its bronze-made copy in Kyiv. The famous Ukrainian tenor died from the heart attack on the night of July 29-30, 1999, 66. He worked on probation in La Scala Opera House (Milan). Many years on end he sang first parts in the Kyiv’s Opera and Ballet Theater, in 1977-78 sang as soloist in Metropolitan Opera (New-York). Photo by Sergey Vasiliev/ UNIAN

Keywords: monument | mayor | Anatoly Solovyanenko | Aleksandr Omelchenko

Author: Orlovsky Yevgeny
Location: Ukraine / Kozin village

Spot date: 30.07.2001
Insert date: 30.07.2001
Max size in pix's: 1215x1668
Max size (300 px/inch): 4.05 x 5.56 inch / 10.29 x 14.12 cm
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