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”Naked Truth” Reference ID: #5179

”Naked Truth”

Anchorwoman of the "Naked Truth" TV newscast Julia is seen nude after she stripped as she reports the latest news in a TV studio in Kiev, Ukraine, early hours Saturday, June 8, 2002. In such a way, Kiev STB TV channel marked it's fifth birthday. Alongside with Ukraine, - Russia, Canada and Bulgaria also had an experience to broadcast the "naked news". In November 1999, director of Moscow's channel M-1 Sergei Moskvin created the "Naked Truth" similar show, with Ukrainian actress Svetlana Pesotskaya as an anchorwoman, while Bulgaria had to close such a project in 2001 after it had been criticized by the Electronic Media Council; Canadian news site used to broadcast the naked news since early 2001. British and French have already bought the idea: "Politic itself is a striptease", said Moskvin. "We need to wake up the viewers, to do things differently", he added sharing his new similar ideas and plans Photo UNIAN / TV grab

Keywords: TV studio | TV presenter | TV | press | nude | mass-media | girl

Author: UNIAN photo
Location: Ukraine / Kiev

Spot date: 08.06.2002
Insert date: 10.06.2002
Max size in pix's: 1893x1404
Max size (300 px/inch): 6.31 x 4.68 inch / 16.03 x 11.89 cm
permanent address of this photo: http://photo.unian.net/eng/detail/5179.html
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